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We are "networking" with several other ranchers who also have some of the great hunting in the state. Let us know your preferences, and we'll put you in the best possible hunting location for your needs. Some hunts are 4X4, stands, or horseback from tents or lodge; but all are in remote locations with low hunting pressure and high opportunities!

RIFLE: Mid October is the opening of rifle season, usually with mild weather. Lots of Elk in the area.

SUCCESS: For Elk, the actual rate on Bulls varies from 20-100%. Contributing factors are: weather, hunters ability (under pressure), physical conditioning and mental attitude.

OPPORUNITY: That ranges 95-100% on Elk. It's very seldom a hunter doesn't get at least one good chance at a bull; with some getting several chances a day!


September - Peak of the Rut Archery Season

October - Opening Week of Rifle

390 Bull

Why book with Bridger Outfitters?

We hunt some of the best areas in the state. We have 2-4 hunters at a time; which means your group may have the camp to yourselves.Some areas are hunted one or two times a year only during prime hunting periods. LOW PRESSURE!

All hunts we offer are fair chase. We work hard to put on the best quality hunt available, in the best game areas available, at a reasonable rate. We'll be happy to furnish references for the hunt you're interested in.

I grew up hunting these same areas I guide today. I started guiding professionally in 1973. I hope you see the value of the years hunting the same areas; getting to know the habits and habitat of the Wapiti, and other big game.

We realize this is your vacation, and try to make it a success; and know it's more than just taking a Trophy home. We hope the memories and friendships outlast the meat.

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