"Guns and Roses" (foreground) $4800

"Company" $2500

11 yr old gelding and 6 yr old brother after finishing 50 mile endure race in June

"Rocket's Midnight Rambler"
5 years old, smooth single-foot gait, 14.3 hands; 30 days with rides in the mtns, $2800

Single Foot Video - "Rocket's Black Travler

"Yukons Strutten Rocket"

1993 double registered Montana Travler & N. Am. Single-Foot Horse Association stallion "Rocky" really flies in the Mountains and his colts are just as fast. Cannot be topped for safety (no stumbling) and endurance. The single-foot is the only gait a horse can do athletically, work cows, run barrels, or travel in the mountains without having to go out of the gait. You have to try them to believe how fast they can travel in rough, rocky country.

Stud fee - $350 Colts - $1500 + up

"Sky Roundup" reg. Single-footing Morgan stud

and offspring...


The Montana Travler Horse Association was established in 1983 to continue the breed established by Tom Eaton of Nye, Montana. The lineage goes back to the early '30's with a Hambletonian cross mare bred to an American Saddlebred. Also included were; Morgan, Austrian Thoroughbred, and Tennessee Walker sires and mares who fit the criteria of a selective breeding program Tom established.

The characteristics were: a great depth, a saddle back (good top line), conformation, disposition, good feet, running walk gait, and stamina. The final cross with a foundation mare and a Tennessee Walker stallion produced the basis of the breed "The Montana Travler" - an outstanding stud colt.

Justin Morgan established a great breed from one outstanding stallion. The Montana Travler is the result of not only a great stallion, but selective breeding over a period of many years. To continue the breed, a colt from one of the foundation Sires - in order to be registered - must be presented under saddle to three directors. The horse must be two years old, a direct decendant of the "Travler", and have the conformation, disposition, and gaits consistent with the breed.

The "Montana Travler" gives you a colt that is easy to break, versatile (we use them for cutting and moving cattle, pleasure rides, hunting and packing, etc.), a sure footed mountain horse with endurance and a desire to please. We have many quality horses for sale-weanlings up to well trained.

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